The WWMR has been affected by the partial government shutdown. A quick overview of its effect:

  • The Visitor’s Center is closed and there are no staff there to answer the phones.
  • The Nature Store is closed, because although operated by non-federal employees, the building they are located in is closed.
  • Volunteerism is limited to off-site activities.
  • FOW or WMWR led on-site activities are on hold. This includes scheduled tours and hikes and other volunteer activities.
  • Because a state highway runs through the WMWR, gates will not be closed. The public may hike, observe wildlife and do photography at their own risk.
  • There are currently no Search and Rescue Operations (SAR) personnel on duty. All activities are conducted at your own risk. If you must call for assistance, do so through 911 and realize that their response time may be excessive. 
  • Camp Doris remains open as the Camp Hosts are not federal employees.

Thank you so much for helping us pass the word and ensuring everyone’s safety during this partial government shutdown.

Note: Read the official government notice on refuge closures.