Government Shutdown: Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

The Federal government shutdown is still in progress, but the US Fish & Wildlife Service has expanded operating guidelines for 38 National Wildlife Refuges starting Monday, January 14.  The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (WMWR) is one of those 38 refuges.  The expanded guidelines for the WMWR are:

  • Normal activities are permissible during daylight hours. All activities are ‘at your own risk’.  Emergencies need to call 911.
  • The Mt. Scott road is open for biking and hiking. Cars are still prohibited.
  • The Visitor Center will only be open 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday, starting Monday, January 14. The Visitor Center will be closed on Saturdays & Sundays.  No one will be available to answer the telephones on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The Nature Store will be open the same hours as the Visitor Center Monday – Friday.
  • The WMWR is closed at night to all activities except fishing and camping in designated areas.
  • Full staffing and normal operations on the WMWR will not occur until funds to reopen the Federal government are appropriated by Congress and signed into law by the President.

Image attribution: Pixabay