Bison Herd. Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Photo courtesy of Larry Smith.

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge has several new arrivals!

This time of year, we usually talk about all the new young of the year including bison calves, elk calves, and all the fledgling birds. But the Wichita Mountains has some other new additions – on the staff rather than in the wild.

The maintenance division has welcomed three new members. Wage Lead Phillip Pendergrass comes to us from the National Park Service at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas. Tommy Peevyhouse, the new Custodial Worker, also joins us from the NPS at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site in Colorado. Facilities Operations Specialist Zach Cartmell is another recruit from the NPS where he worked at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma. Fire Management Officer Jonathan King has recently arrived at the WMWR to head up the Oklahoma/North Texas Zone Fire Crew after serving as the FMO at the Southwest Louisiana National Refuge Complex.

The most recent addition, Amber Zimmerman has been appointed as the new Deputy Refuge Manager after previously serving as the Refuge Manager at the Washita and Optima National Wildlife Refuge Complex in Oklahoma.

The new staff members at the Wichita Mountains WR look forward meeting and working with the FOW!

Article by Amber Zimmerman

Photo courtesy of Larry Smith.