Pollinator Meadow

Feed A Bee Pollinator Meadow - Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Plans are progress-ing to implement a Pollinator Meadow with funds garnered through the Bayer Feed A Bee grant. Within the past few weeks FOW volunteers and USFWS biologists we have begun the process of preparing the sites that will be used for the meadow. The Visitor’s Center medians, which are currently covered primarily with Bermuda and other grasses, will in the years to come contain a native, perennial, Polli-nator Meadow to support bees, beetles, hummingbirds, and bats, just to name a few. We have be-gun the process of spraying these areas to eradicate the stands of grass. Our Refuge Biologist stated that it will take several applications of an herbicide to totally eradicate these grasses.

We estimate it will be some time after the 1st of the year before they will be suitable for planting. In the meantime, we have be-gun the process of identifying which varieties of flowers we will be seeding in these meadows. At the same time we are sourcing companies that have these varieties of wild-flower seeds available for sale.

It’s also been determined that because our two largest mammals on the WMWR, Elk and Longhorn, like to “graze” on stands of grass we will need to build a fence to keep these animals out of the Pollinator Meadow. Be on the look out for these, and other, improvements to the WMWR thanks to your member-ship dues, donations, and of course, wonderful grantors such as the Bayer Feed A Bee program.

Article by Jim Meyer
Photo by Feed A Bee Program