Programs are Friday and Saturday evenings. Reservations are taken on the preceding Monday at 580-429-2197. View the night sky with telescope or binoculars.

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge will be conducting “Stars Over The Wichitas” and the public is invited. Participants will search and locate major constellations and other heavenly bodies with assistance from an amateur astronomer. Bring your own optics, or view the night skies through a 13″ Dobsonian telescope.The two hour program begins 30 minutes after sunset. Participants should meet at the Boulder/Lost Lake picnic area entrance gate. The gate may be located by traveling approximately one and one-half miles west of Camp Doris, then turn left into the Boulder picnic area. Visitors may obtain a Refuge leaflet from dispensers located at each of the five entrances. Binoculars are recommended to assist in viewing the night sky, and a lawn chair may provide desired comfort. The program will be canceled if it is raining or if the sky is overcast.

Participants are limited to 15 per program to assure each visitor has the opportunity to observe several objects through the telescope. Due to the length of the program all participants must be at least eight years of age.

Reservations required. Call 580-429-2197. Meet at Boulder Gate thirty minutes after sunset, donations welcomed!

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