(Guidelines revised August 2007)

The Frank and Mae Rush Award is for recognition of outstanding contributions to the stated purposes of The Association of Friends of the Wichitas (FOW).  The purpose of FOW is to promote public appreciation of and support for the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and the Fish and Wildlife Service (FOW Bylaws Article II).

  1. The president of FOW shall appoint an award committee consisting of a chairman and two members to be in charge of the award.  The chairman and two members will be appointed at the September business meeting.  The president is an ex officio member of the award committee.
  2. A call for nominations for recipients shall appear in the September and October issues of the monthly newsletter.  Nominations may include individuals, groups, or organizations.  Nominations will be due by November 1st.
  3. Nominations for the award may be made by any FOW member.  No single member of the committee may make a nomination while serving on the committee.  If this so happens then the president will appoint another member to replace that committee member.
  4. The award committee as a group has the authority to present the award to an individual, group, or organization not formally nominated (with supporting documentation).  There is no requirement that the award be made every year.  One or more awards may be given per year.
  5. Nominations shall be mailed to the FOW post office box and marked Attn: Frank and Mae Rush Award Committee and shall be delivered to the committee chairman unopened.
  6. Nominations shall include documented supportive materials.  Submission of a name only will not result in consideration by the award committee.
  7. The president will be responsible for contacting the media and notifying the winner in writing.  These two events should occur on the same date, and no later than January 3rd.   The president will seek advice from the committee regarding what information to share with the media.
  8. Members of the Frank and Mae Rush Award Committee will keep winner information confidential until after the winner has been notified by the president.
  9. The president will be responsible for having a plaque prepared.
  10. The plaque shall be presented at the January FOW business meeting.  The cost of each plaque shall not exceed $75.
  11. Those currently serving as members of the award committee are not eligible to receive the award.
  12. The decision of the award committee will be final.
  13. Records of all award recipients shall be kept by the president and secretary for future reference by the current awards committee.  Non-winner nominations will be destroyed.

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