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President: Jim Stone president@friendsofthewichitas.org
Vice President: Donna Phillips vicepresident@friendsofthewichitas.org
Treasurer: Jim Meyer treasurer@friendsofthewichitas.org
Secretary:  Monique’ Brown secretary@friendsofthewichitas.org
Parlimentarian: Jean Hausheer

 Webmaster: webmaster@friendsofthewichitas.org

Board of Directors

Term Ends 2018

Donna Phillips
Jim Stone

Term Ends 2019

Bobby Glass
Kathy Gray
Jean Hausheer
Jim Meyer

Term Ends 2020

Coretta Albright
Lisa Jansen-Rees
Kade McClure
Helen Riley

Friends of the Wichitas

“Friends of the Wichitas,”
A mosaic of kindred spirits,
Each with their special niche of knowledge,
Seeking to learn the magical secrets
of the Wichita Mountains.
Together we explore,
Sharing our discoveries,
Examining the intricacies of a wildflower,
Or the iridescent wings of a dragonfly,
Marveling at the stars,
Or the treasure found in a piece of granite,
Sparkling with diamonds of quartz,
Entranced by the soaring of an eagle,
Or the bugling of an elk,
Beauty and joy surround us each step of the way.
Fiercely protective,
We strive to keep these “islands in a prairie sea” pristine,
By demonstrating gentle ways
To walk softly upon the earth.
Comforted by the certainty that spring follows winter,
And that once again,
Native wildflowers
Will tickle the bellies of baby buffalo.
Not content to keep secret
Our knowledge of these mountains,
We are eager to share their treasures
With others,
Who someday may share our passions
And also become
“Friends of the Wichitas.”
~ by Barbara Tarbutton

Our Mission Statement

To deepen appreciation for and support of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and the extraordinary landscape, wildlife and cultural resources the refuge protects.

A brief hike showing the Wichita Mountains and some of the wildlife from Discover Oklahoma.

The Wichita Mountains have been a treasured escape for nature lovers throughout our state’s history. They provide a beautiful home for multitudinous wildlife and plant species. See a high quality and beautifully captured video of the area from Discover Oklahoma.

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